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Anyone else here on myfitnesspal?


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I've been logging my food this week. Adding exercise for a couple weeks didn't bring my weight down at all (I have about 25 pounds to lose), so I finally gave in to keeping track of what I'm eating. Yup, turns out I was clearly eating too many calories. Drat. 


Anyway, between my last babies I had a friend who was doing myfitnesspal with me and it was more fun that way. Her baby weight is gone now and she doesn't want to track. So, I'm looking for a friend or two to follow there to make it more interesting. :) Anyone here using the site/app or want to give it a shot?


My profile is http://www.myfitnesspal.com/user/mystiewinckler/status

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I'm Aprylh76 on there. I was doing it for a while last year, stopped, gained even more weight, and now I'm tracking again while gradually moving towards an Eat To Live style of eating. My dh just got the diabetes diagnoses, and I'm probably headed that way. I'm down 10 lbs as of yesterday with a lot more to go! Anyway, feel free to add me :)

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