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Help me figure out the rest of our summer's (and maybe next year's) English program.


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Goals include that it should be user friendly so it will get done without a lot of stress. Also materials should ideally be portable and not too expensive since they tend to get taken to places we go that could be muddy, wet, etc.  They might have to be replaced, and when toting things about less is more.


For writing over the summer we will try CAP W&R Narrations 2.


For spelling we will probably continue to work on most common English words lists, probably utilizing Spelling Power.


We need something for grammar, usage, punctuation.  Options I am considering include: Daily Grams; Spectrum LA; perhaps MCT, which we enjoy, but it is unwieldy and expensive...and we really only enjoy reading it, not so much doing the exercises.  Maybe Zaner-Bloser again for awhile. Other suggestions of things that might be good to consider?


Also, has anyone used Rod and Staff's English Handbook? If so can you give it a review? Would it be helpful for a child to look things up in himself?  Or, do you have a better idea for a kid friendly grammar, usage, punctuation handbook?




This is for a 12 year old boy who schools year round, but will mainly be doing outdoorsy stuff for summer.


For reading, he reads whatever interests him, which is currently The Hobbit.


However, I am also thinking of something for starting a more literary elements approach.  Any recommendations?


Has anyone tried To Kill a Mockingbird and 24 other Videos, which I understand to be a workbook/teacher guide combo that uses films to investigate literary elements. I saw it in Rainbow Resource catalog and it looked like it could be interesting, but I have also been misled by interesting sounding write ups.


Have I missed anything entirely?

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I have liked Evan Moor's Daily programs. We have used Daily LA, Daily Reading Comp, and Daily 6-Trait Writing in

Ike the ebook versions, as they can be on computer and tablet. If your ds doesn't mind writing on an iPad or tablet, work coul be done without paper & pencil. There is also a Daily Spelling.


Of course, you could just scan any book you like and make it into an book yourself.


Oh, adding. My ds found TKAM very boring when he read it at age 13. Movie and audiobook also boring. Just passing along one point of view.

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IEW Fix It is a good workbook-type of program for practicing grammar usage, capitalization, and punctuation. My son's standardized test scores improved this year because of using it.


I use R&S English as our main grammar program. I prefer to teach grammar explicitly with R&S and use IEW Fix It to practice applying grammar knowledge.

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