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Where do you search offender records?

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PLEASE take note that not all offenders may be listed. Example: NY has 3 levels. Only level 2 and 3 are available on the website. To really know you need to contact the sheriff's department and tell them you would like to know the level 1 offenders with whatever radius you want. They will tell you.

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We've always used the Illinois state sex offender registry. They link that to the Illinois department of corrections info so I can see where the perp lives and then what the charge was, how long he was in, etc. ( I use 'he' but of course there are women on there also)


Our town has almost 20,000 residents and 103 are registered sex offenders.  A dear friend's dh is a parole officer for sex offenders so when our kids were little he kept up informed on what was going on in our town.    


I think Illinois does a pretty good job posting info and photos. Knowing a parole officer and what kind of things he was doing to keep people safe really enabled me to balance fear and letting the kids be kids- ride their bikes, walk to the pool, etc. 

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