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Beast Academy Release Schedule

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Does anyone know when BA 4C and 4D should be released?  I'm trying to decide whether or not to use BA as a stand-alone curriculum for my rising 4th grader. I can't afford both BA and Singapore, and my son is responding really well to the one guide and practice book we currently have (3A).  He has finished Singapore 3 already.

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Have they said anything about 2A? Hoping it'll be done for us to use in the next couple of years.


I wouldn't hold my breath. They've said again and again that the books are now taking about 6 months each; level 5 *might* go faster if they can bring new staff on and up to speed; they will finish 5 before they start 2. Here's the latest from Facebook, two days ago: Currently, each pair of of books (4B, for example) take 5-6 months to produce. We have 2 levels remaining for grade 4, all 4 levels of grade 5, and all 4 levels of grade 2. Ten levels will likely take almost 5 years to complete at our current rate of production.

Unfortunately, these books take a long time to produce and we have not yet found a way to speed production significantly without sacrificing quality.

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