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Need help teaching sentences, paragraphs, age 10


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I'm looking for resource recommendations, and techniques. How can I learn how to teach this? I don't know what to teach, how to break it down.


How do you jump from narrations to summaries? These seem very different to me.


We are using Easy Grammar, with some diagramming added, and Classical Writing Aesop (just started, on week 4).


I like what we have, but I feel like I don't have any concrete expectations for TWTM-style summaries in history and science, so I feel lost as to how to guide my dd. I don't know what to ask for, for this age (about grade 5). Paragraph structure is usually nonexistent in nonfiction summaries. Should I teach paragraph order in this context of narration/summary?


Where do outlines come in?


I'm rambling on about paragraphs, but we also need sentence help.


We have R&S 4, but haven't done the writing lessons yet.


What resources have worked for you?


All help much appreciated! Thanks,


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