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Yo Texas peeps---question about a couple surgeons


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super long story short-- my 14yo will be having knee surgery this week. I have 2 pediatric orthopedists expecting me to call them in the morning. (he had an accident at my sils house involving a glass storm door and running...that's the microwave version!)


I know nothing about surgeons here. One is Dr. Kennedy at Cooks. The other is Dr. Copela (I think I spelled that right..) at a surgery center in Grapevine. Both come highly recommended by the doc we had at the ER.


I was wondering if any of y'all have had any dealings with either of these guys? I basically have to choose between the 2...



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Googled and found 1 review for Dr. Kennedy and it wasn't good. Didn't really find much else...


We have an appt set up to see Dr. Copela this afternoon. We were supposed to see him at 4. She said they are booked solid and we'd probably have a little wait. Then I got a call back saying he wants to see ds sooner, so we got bumped up. So far I'm feeling good about him. :)

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