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Kefir Maintenance in hot weather

Liz CA

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If you make Kefir at home, what do you do with the kefir grains when it gets above F85? Or am I the only one with inadequate A/C? I lost all my grains last year when the inside temps were well above F85. I got new grains from a generous soul and want to make sure they don't experience a similar fate.


I know there is a technique of "putting them to sleep" in the fridge. Can someone describe this for me. There are thousands of online versions of doing this and I don't know which one to choose. I don't want to ruin it all again.

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I've never had mine die! even though we don't really cool our house.


When I need a break, I just put the grains with fresh milk in the fridge instead of on the counter for up to a week and they kind of hibernate.  When I need them again, I set them on the counter for 24 hours and I have kefir again.


I'm not very rigid with my kefir--I've had it going about a year this last time and it just keeps on going (and multiplying!  every week or so, I have to take out some grains and dry them to store in the fridge--my grain glob gets too big).


Our house is always 75-80 degrees; not big A/C fans here :)



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