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Music notation program with Midi/Keyboard input?

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The version of Finale I had in grad school (about 20 years ago!) no longer works with my current computer (not surprising), just as DD is really getting to the point that she would benefit from being able to play her compositions on the keyboard and then edit them in notation-she gets very frustrated with the writing down part of it. The cheap/free software options I can find don't do Midi Input. She loves theory and composition/arranging more than actual playing, so I'd like to give her the tools to really continue with what she enjoys in music.


Does anyone have any more contemporary suggestions? She's writing fairly simple piano pieces, so she doesn't need full Finale or Sibelius at this point. We have a Windows 8 PC (which is upstairs when the keyboard is downstairs) and an iPad2 (which I'm considering replacing for Christmas-I'm guessing that the iPad2 won't be supported in new OS upgrades for much longer).



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