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Book suggestions for healthy living

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This home educating year was full of stress, a wonderful school year, but it was to the detriment of my health. I have a developmentally delayed daughter that takes a lot of my time and the home educating of the other children.  So, my "theme" for the family this summer is going to be a focus on Healthy Living, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I'm looking for book suggestions to help with this process, any ideas? I bought "Whole Life Nutrition" which is a wonderful whole foods guide and recipe book that i'm going to start using. So I have the nutrition end covered. 


Thank you!

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The documentaries: King Corn, Food Matters, and Food Inc (some on Netflix?) are wonderful.  And Fed Up is in select theatres now. 



Get Your Fats Straight

Cure Tooth Decay (NOT just about teeth, but an all over nutritional info)

Nourishing Traditions

And, as mentioned, anything by Michael Pollan

I think Joel Salatin has a book out too. 


I kinda think these are all reads for the parent's though.  I think if it was just for summer, I'd read the book you have, and focus on plenty of Vit D from the sunshine (while discussing why we need it), exercise outside (swimming, hiking, biking, skating, etc) and discussing how exercise promotes low stress levels and endorphins!  Fun exercise though.  Find a place to get fresh produce and talk about in-season foods, go get it from the ground (farm?) and talk about where our food comes from.  Just throwing ideas out...


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