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Art of Problem Solving PreAlgebra online class starts Fri, Aug 29


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Hello fellow parents,


I am sending out this email to inform you about a new ONLINE math class that I am helping coordinate (my son will be in this class) and hoping to fill so we can begin on Fri, Aug 29, 2014. 


This class will be facilitated by Dr Sega who is a classically trained mathematician from Romania. Dr Sega used to run the San Jose Math Circle and was also involved in the Stanford Math Circle. 


This is not an enrichment class and HW will be assigned. There will also be periodic quizzes to gauge understanding but mostly the emphasis will be on student discussion, problem solving and gaining a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts. Dr Sega has a gentle style that is conducive to most kids.



Class details are as foll:

FALL 2014 - AoPS Prealgebra 1

Dates - Aug 29 – Dec 19 2014 (17 sessions) 

Timings – Friday 12:30 – 2pm PT

Cost - $340  (ie $20/class) 

Age - 9-12ish

Max Class Size – 4 


Dr Sega is NOT an Ocean Grove vendor


This online class will use the AOPS PreAlgebra textbook and will have a strong emphasis on problem solving rather than coming up with the 'right' answer. Students will be encouraged to figure out different ways of solving the same problem. We will start with topics in number theory and conclude with an introduction to topics in discrete mathematics and statistics. 


I am hoping to find a few mathy kids who enjoy some sort of problem solving so the kids can have meaningful discussions and learn in an engaging environment.


Please let me know offlist at arvinderoswal@gmail.com at your earliest convenience if your kid might be interested and available to participate in this upcoming class. 




WTM Member in Cupertino, CA


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