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Stainless Steel appliances...which ones do you love?


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We may be replacing our appliances and are having a hard time deciding what to replace them with. Stainless steel is an option, but it have 5 little ones and will not be constantly cleaning off fingerprints. I think I have seen more satin looking ones that I like the look of better, but I'm not sure what brand makes them.


Do you have SS appliances that you love?


My other dilemma is that the kitchen has honey oak cabinets with yellow gold fixtures, and is overall very warm. White seems too stark, and black would darken it up. Would you even go with stainless? Ah, I'm just so confused and we have to make a decision soon. Thanks for any input!

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It would be easy to freshen those yellow (brass look?) knobs and pulls on your cabs to white and then do a white stove.  I did a zebra stove in my kitchen (mixture of black and stainless) and it looks good.  I have an all frig unit that looks like stainless but is vinyl.  I doubt they could do that with a stove.  I think all black or all white can be nice with oak, either way. Zebra would work too.  :)

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