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Anyone use Olly for iPad?

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I am considering using it, but we don't have a Mac so it would be just the iPad version. I love that it has the option for adding in routines, and I wonder if that can be made to sync with iCal somehow.


I have searched and not found many reviews online, so mainly I am just wondering how people like it and whether it is doing well out of beta and not crashing too much.

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Totally second hand, but reviews in the app store say that functionality is not as good as the desktop, and people seem to use it mainly to enter things remotely but all their setup they do on the desktop.  You can get a 30 day free trial of the desktop.  I'm in the middle of one now, and if we go with Olly I will be getting BOTH the desktop and the app.  Really, $40 flat (no yearly rates or anything) is so reasonable.

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Yeah it looks great, but I only have a PC, not a Mac desktop. Otherwise I would be all over it. I am trying to find a review from someone that uses the app as a standalone, but I haven't found any. When I looked in the App Store, there were no reviews at all! I will have to check again.

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