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Quick party question


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Our neighbors are having a party (one of many), and DH and I are not feeling terribly social today. This neighbor's parties generally start early and go late. Think all day - start with barbecue and into the night... In the past we've stayed till 9 or so, and have been the first to leave amid protests. The kids' schedules are a mess for days...


I want to go for only two hours or so... Would that be totally rude?


I'm not even sure we can make that work, as they usually do the barbecue thing at 4:00 or so, and then bday cake around 7:30. Which would still make for a late day... Hmmm... (This one is an adult's bday party, btw.)


Any hints on how to get out gracefully without hurt feelings? They live right behind us, so they'll know we're home putting kids to bed.


Or do I just suck it up and deal for a day?



ETA: their kid is younger than ours, or it would be easier to blame it all on bedtime :)

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I'd let them know when you arrive that you'll have to leave early (in two hours.) Be polite, upbeat, and breezy about it.


"Hey Anne! Hey Harold! This is great. What a great day for a party. ... Oh, Anne, by the way, we can't stay long this time. We need to leave by X:00. Son needs to get in a full night's sleep tonight. What a day today! I'm just glad we are able to be here with you guys this evening. Oh look, did someone bring tortellini salad? Oh, I love that stuff! This is awesome!"


Then when it's time to go, "Oh man, it's already time to go? It's like we just got here! I'm so glad we were able to spend this time with you. Oh, no, we can't stay. It's been crazy at our house lately, we need to get back. Son needs to get to bed asap. Thank you so much for inviting us. No, really, we can't stay, you know how life gets! See you guys!"

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