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Anyone using The Write Foundation? Comments?

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My son is dyslexic and getting him to write has been difficult. He seems overwhelmed by the process. I am looking for something to guide us through the process (so as to keep the pressure of planning off me and he seems to respond better to an assignment when it's just the *lesson plan* and not mom's idea! :tongue_smilie: ).


We've used WWE through level 2, and it's been mostly okay with exception of the dictation which he just can't handle. I have to give him my own shortened version of the selection or risk him completely breaking down over the assignment. Also, while I think he's very creative, I agree with SWB that children should learn to write from reading great literature and not spend all their time coming up with their own writing. Therefore, I'm not a writers workshop fan. The problem I forsee down the road is the curriculum becoming just too hard for him, since I already see hints of frustration just with the dictation. I don't want to stifle his desire to write.


Finally, cost is prohibitive for us, so I can't do something like Bravewriter. While The Write Foundation is $70 for one level, that level can be used for two years so it doesn't seem that bad.


What do you all think? Any recommendations? Thoughts on The Write Foundation? He's going in to 5th grade next year and I'm starting to feel the pressure to get him writing more.  :confused1:

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