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Computer-based French drill programme - middle/high school?

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Calvin, even at this stage, is scrambling to make automatic French grammar that he should have known years ago.  The school's teaching methods for French..... well, not good.


I don't want Hobbes to have the same problems, but I want to make the drill reasonably painless - he is very busy and tends to get stressed when he feels that too much is piled on him.


So I'd like a computer-based programme that takes him slowly through French grammar, with lots of practice, good review and fun games.  Vocabulary building would be good too, but secondary.  I would anticipate his using it for the next four years.


Any reviews?


Thank you



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I'm just having dd work through Duolingo.  She also dumps info out of her head that she should have had solid years ago.


It's not perfect, but it's free, does include both vocabulary and grammar review, and it's better than nothing.  It's also quick and painless enough that she doesn't seem to mind doing it almost every day, and since I can't seem to get her to read novels or watch movies in that language regularly (things that I think would really help with long-term retention), this gets done and I do think has helped.  You do have to start at the beginning (which is not grammar right away), but everything is in the context of sentences.  A kid with some background will advance very quickly to the grammar sections.  If more review is needed, after you've done a section, you can go back and redo the section.  The program is designed to have skills 'fade' after you've done them, and will tell you which ones need review the most.


I would not use this for learning a language, but as a drill supplement, it's been very serviceable.  If anyone has found anything that's even better, I'm also :bigear: .  This particular kid is bright and picks stuff up quickly, but without consistent review, seems to forget or at least pack away info deep into crannies where it isn't accessible.  I've now got her doing Quizlet for English and science vocab - not as useful for FL, Duolingo for the FL, and I'm just adding Khan Academy for math/Algebra review.

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I often lament we have so many great choices for Latin and Spanish but so few to none for French and German. I think too high schools need to drop that foreign language requirement. They are dropping Alg 2, drop the language instead.

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