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Who does American History in two years that includes, geography, art and literature?

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I'm not interested in purchasing a complete program since I have a spine ... what I'm really looking for are the plans or syllabus of a program that already has planned out the use of and resources for primary source documents, literature, geography, biographies and art. 


Does this exist?

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Well - it isn't just American history, and you'd have to supplement anything pre-1850, but Trisms' Age of Revolution is a two semester or two year program (depending on how much you assign, pace, etc.).  We're doing an American gov. class that will also include pre-1850 history, but Trisms' Rise of Nations (which we did this year) include units that cover the Revolution in the US. 

It is basically a syllabus, but does come with map blanks and questions on research and literature, a teacher's manual, and an answer key, tests, etc. 

Sadly, it is really pricey.  I bought the two semesters together on Rainbow Resources for $405 (we're using them for two years and adding double the literature - my son will be a junior next year).

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