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What to use instead of LLATL?

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Have you tried reinforcing the previously taught lessons, in their daily work?


I think most homeschoolers over estimate what children are capable of retaining. It takes a LOT of reinforcement to retain all the language arts skills, and most children are NOT going to retain most of them, until they have been drilled for YEARS. The skills are repeated yearly in LLATL, and will be revisited. You have the option–as suggested–to reinforce the lessons in daily life and other subjects.


I don't think switching from LLATL to another curriculum will necessarily improve retention. depending on how invested in the series that you are, the switch will be costly and disruptive. Have you read any of Ruth Beechick's books? There is a lot in those books that will help you improve the retention of the LLATL lessons.

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Are you looking to supplement LLATL or drop it altogether? Assuming you are dropping LLATL, then you might consider CLE LA. There is a lot of repetition of grammar, particularly diagramming. The placement test is here:


click on the sample button to download it for free.


Personally, we have used LLATL and CLE over the years in our homeschool and start to find CLE LA a bit tedious and time consuming around the grade 6 level. Our current preference is use LLATL but supplement. I agree that LLATL could sometimes do with more review. In the past I have written information from the teaching boxes on notecards for additional review. HTH

(edited to add: we still use CLE reading. It is very thorough)


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