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CAP Writing/Rhetoric or EiW & Megawords or other spelling?

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Regarding my 8yo gifted child.  She completed MBTP 8-10 (some LA units, all science/history) & Bravewriter Partnership Writing this year and does really well, but I am having difficulty placing her in LA (her strong subject).  She's a good writer when she wants to write, but I'm finding the assignments she is engaged with to be few.  I am not confident at teaching writing....at all.  Which of these would be a better fit?  And which level should I use, considering that she's completed a gifted 3rd/regular 4th program already?   Do I use 5th grade EiW?  Start at the beginning with CAP W/R?



Spelling.  She is a natural speller, and I've been using myspellit.com list of frequently misspelled words for her this spring.  My thought with MegaWords is that it would make up for the fact that we've done very little phonics since she learned to read so easily.  However, the words on the sample I saw look really easy!  I think I was looking at level 2.  Suggestions for spelling/word study?

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