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s/o...what are your FAVORITE read alouds?

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You know, the ones where the words roll eloquently off your tongue, the ones that give you depth, emotion and a big sigh when you read the last page. I'd appreciate approximate grade levels too!


I'll start...when I taught 6th grade, our absolute favorite was Touching Spirit Bear. I never hear it mentioned anywhere, but I'm telling you, it's that good and the boys especially loved it!


Now I have littles and I'm always struggling to find the next great read aloud.

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Oh, Thirteen Clocks by James Thurber!  So much fun alliteration and great imagery.  It was a fun book to read and the girls were sad it was so short!  Mine were 11 and 7 when we read it,  You could do it with younger kids as long as they are ok with an evil villain (who loses in the end, don't worry!)

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I have so many favorites. I started reading chapter books aloud when my oldest was 3 and we haven't stopped since. I can only think of a small handful that I haven't enjoyed, but here are some of our favorites:


The Oz series (started our read aloud journey 5 years ago)

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy (read by my husband)

Charlotte's Web, Trumpet of the Swan, Stuart Little

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

The Secret Garden

Little Women

Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Little Plum and other "doll books" by Rumer Godden

TumTum and Nutmeg series (hilarious and fun)

Alice in Wonderland

Tale of Despereaux

The One and Only Ivan

Letters From Father Christmas


Wesley the Owl was one of our all time favorites and it spurred a lasting interest in owls. It is a memoir written by a scientist who adopted a barn owl. It has some mature content some I am not sure what the reading level would be. I edited a few things on fly.

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My most favourite  read aloud is Tale of Desperaux.  I read it every year at the beginning of our school year and my kids always enjoy it even though they are now in their teens (or close to it.)


Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Understood Betsy and Little Princess are runner ups. 

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We have  a lot of favorites but the book that just rolled off my tongue because it had such a good rhythm and cadence with not too many characters for voice changes was Ben and Me.  The boys loved it and some books I struggle to read aloud for long, but this one  enjoyed reading for large chunks of time.

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The number or letter after the title is my best guess at DD's grade when I read the book:


Momo, 5

The Thirteen Clocks, 4 (I really liked reading the Golux's lines.)

Thimble Summer, 4

The Little Prince, 3

Bambi, 2

Winnie-the-Pooh, 1 (I am one of the odd ones with this, I know. Most seem to struggle with it. You MUST do the voices to get it to flow right.)

The Tale of Despereaux, K (DD also LOVED Because of Winn-Dixie by the same author at about 2nd grade. She listened to an audio recording, though.)



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I love Winnie the Pooh as a read-aloud. I also love, love, love Farmer Giles of Ham. My all time favorite and one that the boys would giggle like mad over was The Tale of Jeremy Fisher, Beatrix Potter. Although The Tale of Tom Kitten was also a huge favorite. Voices are key in that one.

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The Moorchild, The Name of the Wind (MUCH older crew), Harry Potter series, Fox in Socks, Cornelia Funke's books, The Little House on the Prairie books.



I just bought The Moorchild and look forward to reading it after we finish Howl's Moving Castle. I think DD will like it (she's on a magical creatures kick ATM), and get something out of it. 

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The Children of Noisy Village, Ronia, the Robber's Daughter, Matilda, The Witches, Sea of Trolls, anything by Ibbotson, Rylant, Shirley Hughes, & King-Smith.


...almost anything but Mr Popper's Penguins, and The Wheel on the School. ;) Gawd...

Ok, Matilda? At what age would you read this? I started it with my oldest two a little while ago, and stopped immediately. I didn't like it at all..thought it was...well, rude.

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Sooooo many! The Incorrigible Children series is fun to read because it's just so clever. And fun!


I also enjoy reading more old fashioned stories, especially true stories. Some favorites to read aloud have been The Great Brain series, Little Britches, Owls in the Family. Also really loved reading My Side of the Mountain aloud. Fantastic!


We just finished reading Gone Away Lake and Return to Gone Away Lake. Both were great and now we need to read the rest of her books (The Saturdays, Thimble Summer, etc.)

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Guest kmathew5

Ralph Moody books.  Start with Little Britches and keep on going.   I have elementary - high school, boy & girls.  


If studying the Middle Ages - the Crispin trilogy by Avi.  

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