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having that awful sugar/carb hangover

Jeannie in NJ

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I need to really remember how I feel the next day after having excess carbs and sugar. Last night my family took me out for Mother's Day (could not arrange to go until last night).  I was doing good, had a grilled chicken argula salad with roasted red peppers but then I had a piece of cornbread with it and then had a banana cream pie shooter (the filling without the crust, all put in a sundae glass with tons of whipped cream).  It  was good but boy do I feel awful today.  Bad headache, dragging, blah, could not do my workout.  I have been doing low carbs, no sugar since end of Feb. have lost almost 30 pounds.  I need to write myself a big  note to remind myself of how awful I feel when I do eat sugar and too many carbs. I did a search here and I did the same thing the end of March. I really need to keep reminding myself that the feeling afterwards is not worth it.

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