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5th grade ancients-CM

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DD 5th will be starting her first history rotation. I would like something Christian or Christian-friendly. CMish but no full programs like HOD, MFW, or Sonlight. We really just want to read and write. I have neither the time nor the patience to pull a bunch of resources together or make this a big deal. Guerber books? All Through the Ages? Truthquest?




Ps...no TOG, MOH, or WTM recs, either. I'm sorry to sound so picky!

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After finishing up SOTW now in fifth, we are starting Ancients again next year in sixth. Our main resources:

Dorothy Mills' history books: Book of the Ancient World (selections, focus on ancient Egypt), Book of the Ancient Greeks, and Book of the Ancient Romans with K12 Human Odyssey as a supplement, especially for the intro chapters and the three aforementioned ancient cultures.


DM Book of the Ancient World

DM Book of the Ancient Greeks

DM Book of the Ancient Romans


Kfamily's A Mind In The Light's Book Notes, which correspond with the DM books - free on her blog (she's a fellow WTMer)

Geography using A Child's Geography: Exploring The Holy Land and Exploring The Classical World, corresponding selections

Landmark World History books, other biographies and living books, including books by Rosemary Sutcliffe and Gilgamesh The Hero by Geraldine McCoughran


ETA: We're also going to be using the Usborne World History Encyclopedia (DS LOVES this resource, especially the Internet links). In addition, we have Time Life's What Life Was Like series lying around - most of them. This year of course we're using these as mostly a feel for the ancient times and art appreciation. Links to the series for ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome:







Added links all around so resources are easier to find.

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