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Gift basket/care package for someone dealing with breast cancer?


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I have a dear friend who is having a double mastectomy and reconstruction this coming week and then will start chemo next month. Some friends and I will be alternating taking meals and we also want to fix a gift basket. I plan to include gift cards for local restaurants and a devotional book, but I need more ideas. Also, prayers for my friend are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Disposable plates, bowls, cups etc.


You can do matching party type stuff or if you go with plain white do packs of fun napkins to "gift it up".


My sister received this type of gift and really appreciated it.


Eta: it pairs well with the restaurant (takeout) gift cards

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Make sure the gift cards are for restaurants that have take-out, as your friend might not feel like going out.


If you are going with soaps or lotions you might want to consider no fragrance, or just a slight fragrance.


She might be interested in a scarf that is soft, such as a soft cotton.


A CD, such as Chris Rice, Peace Like a River - the Hymns Project would be soothing if your friend likes that sort of thing.





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Not a homemade baskets, but I have enjoyed sending baskets from Prosperity Candle. They have bath products as well as candles. The products are made by artisans making a living wage and packed by developmentally disabled adults. It is a feel good thing that goes beyond the products.




And, as an aside, here is a book, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen. I have another cookbook by the author, and it is wonderful.



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Breast cancer survivor here...


I'd want contact. ( I know, not something you can put in a basket, but....) Notes, texts, emails. My friends who sent me those often are the ones who got me through...


Mary Kay's Satin hands lotion -- fragrance free and oh so soft.

Aquaphor for dry, dry lips.

Eucerin for dry skin all over.


Biotene for dry mouth.


Ginger ale.

Ginger tea.

Ginger, ginger, ginger...to help with the always quesy tummy.


Crackers of all kinds.


a cute night shirt or a couple of soft tees. Ford's Warrior in Pink has some good ones.


Books, movies...


A driver to take them to and from chemo. So much Benadryl makes a gal sleepy.


Someone to clean house and mow the lawn. Fix food. We all cook so food was never an issue, but darn we got behind on the house and the yard.


Homemade cream of potato soup, mashed potatoes, ice cream. Depends on what tastes good to her. I lived on ice cream and potato soup during the bad weeks.


My crafty friend made me a poster of some of my favorite Bible verses and upbeat sayings. She asked me which ones. The piece is precious to me--still hangs in my office.


Some friends of my friends made me a prayer shawl. Precious.


Be there!


Give her a hug from me! 2.5 years a survivor!


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My dear friend who lives too far from us got a small care package before each chemo treatment.


The first was a stuffed cat with several notes and pictures from each of us tied to it.

Then a box of hats and scarves, a mix of cute and funny and practical. She loved it.

The next package was ourselves. We drove up, took her Christmas shopping, and wrapped all of her gifts to her friends and family and put them under the tree for her.

Then quiet things to do: magazines, puzzles, books, cards, pencil puzzles, a couple packs of thank you notes and stamps because she was so diligent about writing notes to all of the people helping her so we figured we'd buy those for her, etc. I think help with things like the thank you's would be great if you're nearby, if that's something important to your friend.

A box of jokes--whoopie cushion, hand buzzer, joke book, funny greeting cards, Groucho glasses, and the like. Things we knew she'd think were funny.

And right before her surgery, movies and candy to share with the family.



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Just went through this - double mastectomy with reconstruction, 4 months of chemo & only another week of radiation (yay!) - so these are some things I appreciated:


I'd suggest a small blanket or throw for chemo. It's nice to be able to snuggle and the chemo room was always freezing. They gave out hospital blankets, but those were really thin & it was nice to have my own. A tote bag would also be nice for taking things to chemo (blanket, books, snacks, Nook.)


Snacks for chemo would be good, too. Cheese & crackers, energy bars, things like that. My chemo appointments were 3 or 4 hours & I always got hungry. Some people brought lunch in, too.


A lot of people brought food right after surgery, but I didn't really start eating anything for at least a week. It was nice to have for my family, though.


Housekeeping services would be great, too. I couldn't do much for a month or so after surgery.


Someone to drive to appointments after surgery. I don't think I could drive for 4 weeks and had appointments with several doctors during that time.


That's all I can think of at the moment.


A cute scarf or tuban would be nice.

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Currently a caregiver for a adult child undergoing cancer treatment, so I'll add a few more ideas.


Plastic keyboard cover if she uses a laptop--very handy to protect the laptop during times of nausea. I bought one on ebay specific to his laptop.

Visa-type gift cards (make sure they aren't types that require registration--one we got required a social security number to activate)

Gift card to the pharmacy she uses

Gas cards

Mary Kay Satin Lips

Vaseline with cocoa butter (small tub for lips found with chapstick)

Tote bag or duffel on wheels--makes moving things around so much easier

Give her a year of Amazon Prime if she doesn't already have it. Free delivery on many items and can be delivered to the hospital, plus streaming movies while at the there. Saves a lot of trips during recovery.

Expandable file to keep hospital paperwork in.

A fleece blanket plus a spare to use while the other is being washed






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I've given a few gift bags to breast cancer patients these last two years. Anything is appreciated, usually, but specifically I've had good feedback about:

lip balm

hand lotion

fingernail files

hard candy

cute socks

a scarf

word search books or

a devotional book

a notebook and cute pen


That's all I can think of right now.

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One more thought....I spent a lot of time on my bed and the couch. A cute, soft pillowcase or two might be fun.


Also, a distinctive pillowcase is recommended when bringing your own pillow to the hospital, just so no one mistakes it for a hospital pillow. Just as long the fabric and decorations will hold up to washing.


Preggie Pops (lollipops designed to help with morning sickness) might be a good option. Apparently there's a similar one (same thing with different name?) called Queasy Drops if fertility is a sore spot.

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Survivor here, too. I loved using the husband pillow. You know the one with arms? More supportive and easy to get up from.


Also, she will have drains. I used a lanyard around my neck to clip the drains to so they wouldn't get pulled on accidentally. OUCH!!


Button-down soft PJs. Straw for drinks.


Many other great ideas have already been mentioned. Your friend will be in my prayers!


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