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I would love to hear some reviews on...

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I have used AG for my current 5th and 8th graders. They will do Season 3 this summer. I love how thorough and straight forward it is. There's nothing cute or fancy about it. And I love that it works! My girls really know their grammar. I also like how it is divided I to Seasons. We use it over the summer and do the review book during the school year which frees up our regular school schedule. I plan to use it with my other kids when they are older.


I haven't used the other programs you mentioned.

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If the parent knows grammar well and feels comfortable teaching it then AG could be great.  I have a weak grammar background (public schooled and my kids are leaps and bound ahead of my education) and have learned that I need a lot of hand holding teaching it.  AG was a miserable failure for us, and I even bought and used the DVDs.  

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I used AG with a 6th, 8th and 9th grader this year.  The 6th grader had very little grammar before this and the other two needed some review since they didn't retain much from our previous programs.  I was hesitant to try it because I'm not completely convinced of the need for diagramming, but there were many things that I liked about this approach.  For one thing, I appreciate that it isn't a long, drawn-out program.  Grammar is a finite body of knowledge that doesn't really need to be taught year after year after year, imo.  I found it very easy to teach.  The explanations were very clear and it required almost no prep work on my part.  I also really like the concept of counting what kids get right instead of counting what they get wrong.  


It's not a flashy program.  It's more of a 'let's get this done so we can move on to other things that are probably more interesting' program. 

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I haven't used WordBuild yet, but......

Here is a review of Janice Campbell's take on WordBuild



Logic of English also recommends WordBuild after using her program.


We use Jr AG and AG. We have been very pleased with the amount of retention with both dd's. My oldest just wrapped up Season 3, took the post test for all seasons, and aced it!!

Love how the lessons build on each other..... Helping with mastery!

Just bought the Shakespeare HS Review book for my oldest..... She can't wait!


Edit to add: we have the video lessons for AG & Jr. AG . They use them, oldest more so than youngest dd. My oldest uses it more, but during season 3, she mainly read the lesson on her own. The videos are great for days when you know you can't be right there. I stay on my youngest dd though to make sure she gets it before moving on to the exercises.

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