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? for Blobbers (AKA, Mapping/Geography from The Core)


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For those of you who "blob" with your kids somewhat like it teaches in The Core, I have a question for you.


What are your techniques for the "great circle" distances? (Are they "quick & easy" or do you try for real accuracy?)


We initially used the 3/4" suggestion noted on this blog post with the "inward turn of the paper" for the Tropics. But, the engineer in me wasn't satisfied, so I started measuring all sorts of maps for ratios to make calculations. It seems every time we sit down to draw our maps, I have a different distance for them to measure. It would be nice if I could settle on one thing (like the thickness of their rulers for the Arctic / Antarctic Circles and then fold the paper over for the Tropic lines). 


If you do it all the time, what do you have your kids do for those lines?



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