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Read Right tutoring


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Has anyone done Read Right tutoring online?  This is a bit of a Hail Mary, but we are thinking of trying it.  It is totally opposite of all the synthetic phonics and Spaulding work we've done.  It's all about reading for meaning, anticipating words and just using visual sampling to confirm your prediction about the text.  


Anyone tried it?  www.readright.com

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I've never used it, but a quick glance at their website tells me it's a new dressing on an old method...an old method that doesn't work.



Kids who struggle with reading need more explicit instruction, not less.  That explicit instruction may not be in phonics alone, but it must be explicit.  Ex.  Dancing Bears explicitly teaches visual tracking, along with decoding, along with phonics.  



Spalding teaches spelling explicitly, but leaves the visual tracking & decoding to *implicit* mode.  Most kids will use this spelling knowledge and intuit decoding and reading.  Kids who fail to read with Spalding likely need explicit instruction beyond mere spelling. 





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