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Picture Smart Bible K-3?

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Has anyone used the Picture Smart Bible's new K-3 program? Seems they've got the Old Testament for K-3 ready for purchase.

The samples I can find are pretty minimal, and I can't see anything of the directions/parent instructions. Anyone order it or see it at conference? How's it look?

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I saw it at convention. I have been waiting for this to come out. I have the older kids version but never used it yet. I wanted to buy it on CD at convention, but they only have OT and they don't have it on CD at all yet. I thought the drawings were fine, the script was minimal. There were some craft ideas included to go with the lessons. I honestly think I will just print out the completed worksheets from the older child version for my youngers to color in instead of investing in this.

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I've been using the standard version (the one for older kids) with my 6-year-old. I print out a normal student sheet, but I do the lines for him. He colors in each section as it's done (after the "lesson" but before we've done the whole page). He has really enjoyed it so far, and it hasn't been too complicated for him to color/understand/remember.

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