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Sonlight placement help for 4th, 2nd, K'er


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I'm cross posting this in the Sonlight choosing forum.  Thanks if you have any advice!!


I've asked for help before, but I am going to remove a few limits I previously had.

Oldest is 9.5 years old. Very, very strong reader. I am honestly a bit afraid she is going to finish the local library. Reads 8-10 novels a week. Currently doing early American history. Previously used cores a and b before we detoured to other things.

Next is 7. Reading at an early third grade level as we finish first grade. Pretty good at sitting for lengthy read alouds. Has completed p4/5 last year. Is currently doing early American history.

Next is 5. Doesn't know all her letters yet. Seems to be a "young" k-er to me. Will sit for chapter book read alouds but prefers picture books. 

Then, there is a 2 year old who will eventually need to be folded into the mix.

Combine/ don't combine... Whatever you want. I've come up with 84 plans for next year and have no clue which would be best. 


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I would consider doing Core B+C for your older two, combined.   Substitute books for your older if there are any duplicates (but if I remember correctly, B+C leans more heavily on the "C" books).   Since many of the books in the A-C Cores don't tie in directly with the history being studied, you could use a sequel from a series started in A, B, or C.    The following year I'd consider doing Core D, then Core E at whatever pace suits them - but not doing the D+E combined Core.   Even if that means that the oldest moves through D, then E at a faster pace than the middle, I'd try to wait until each is at least 10 before doing Core F.    My DS did Core D at age 10 and it wasn't too easy for him, but we did add books from Guest Hollow's American History schedule to supplement Core D.    You could also supplement with Homeschool in the Woods if you wanted to stretch out those Cores.


Then I'd do Core A for your 5 year old, taking it slowly if needed.   Don't worry about the 2 year old for now, but start the preschool cores when he is ready.


My kids have done SL for years and we've combined ever since my younger was in kindergarten.   We just finished Core E (combined) but over the past year or two we've started separating their science, and have come to a natural "splitting" point for them for history & literature as well.   This fall, my 10 year old DD will start Core F and I will spread it out over 2 years (adding more missionary biographies and geography).   My 12 year old DS will skip Core F and go straight into Core G, doing most of it independently.   (Both of my kids are voracious readers, so I've told my DS that he can read the Core F books as "fun" readers as soon as his sister finishes reading them for school.)    I've been pre-reading Cores F & G this year and there are several books in both Cores that I feel are too mature for my 10 year old, so we will substitute different books in Core F and will wait until she's 12 before she reads Core G.    


I'm sure there are many other options and ways you could go, but I hope this gives you some ideas!

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I'd suggest F for your oldest, and C for next, and A or p4/5 for youngest. With their reading levels,other than the youngest, you could probably read aloud spine only and have them do the rest independently. Another idea would be for either of your oldest to do some of the core A reading with your younger.

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I agree with SebastianCat - B+C for the 2 older. I'd go with either readers 4-5 for the older or find related readers at a higher reading level. Grade 3 readers for the middle. But the younger I would put in p4/5 instead of A. Since you say they are a young 5, I'd stick to p4/5 until they bloom a bit more. You can always start Core A mid-year if they jump in reading / language skills enough to do so. That would also free up time to work with the older 2, since p4/5 doesn't take as long as A would.



Dd is finishing up core B :)

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