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HWT - Do I need the Teacher's Guide?

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I got it for the orange level and was glad I did. I have a lefty ds and it had a few pointers about lefties that I needed to know. I used it for the first couple months and then didn't need to refer to it anymore. I did not buy one for the next level and we've been fine.

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It depends on if you want the entire lesson (the HWT method of teaching) or if you simply want a book with letters and blank lines. I got the teachers book for K because writing lessons with my oldest son indeed caused tears. I needed a new way to teach. (And for the record their way worked. It made me want to pull my hair out but there were no tears and after the k and 1 book he was writing easily and beautifully).


With DS2 I wouldn't need it because he doesn't really need an elaborate lesson. I say make an a like this and then he practices for a while. No drama. With a kid like that I'm not sure there is any benefit to HWT at all, though. Which is why he just has some blank lined paper ;)

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