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US history lit to go along with Hakim's History of US?

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Does anyone know of a list of US history literature selections to go with Joy Hakim's History of US?  Or even a good list of 8th grade-ish literature listed by a historical timeline?  

I am going to have my ds do literature by choosing a book to read to go along with each of the 10 history books.  I am looking for a list that he could choose from.  

I will be using the Hewit guide also, so maybe that has some suggestions?  I haven't bought it yet.

Thanks for suggestions


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I'd love to see one too. I bought an American lit textbook at a thrift store - aimed at 11th graders probably. For next year, I figured I'd pull out stories and excerpts that fit what we're studying. It's chronological so it's easy to work between the two subjects.

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Go peruse the list that accompanies Sonlight's Core 100.  Hakim is the history spine.  

Which Buck really liked, by the way.  I find that intriguing.  He told me he rated it 5 stars at Amazon.  lol  ("Your history text??"  Yeah Mom, it was really good!)

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There are book recommendations in the back of each volume. 


These recs are what I plan to pull from next year.  My plan is to use one from each of the major divisions in the book lists:  fiction; myths, legends and poems; and nonfiction.  


Also, someone asked about a chronological reading list, and Trisms has one, Reading Through the Ages, that has hundreds of books listed chronologically in bands of 30-50 years (other than pre-history, of course).  The list covers world as well as U.S. history, but it is easy enough to pull out U.S. entries.

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We just selected one or two from the backs of each book. Some were "no brainers" like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, etc, but we picked ones that sounded interesting that we could find at local library or borrow online. I sold all the books they went with Sonlight 100 when we moved (Henderson the borrowing),but that is a good list to use as well.



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