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Question About The Book "How To Read A Book"

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After reading the CIRCE thread, I received many wonderful suggestions for reading to broaden my horizons on the topic, and one of the books recommended to me was "How To Read A Book".  I just got it in the mail and have so far read only the preface, where Adler mentions that few people steadily progress in their reading and wind up stuck at the middle or high school level.  Is this a book that would benefit my 6th grade daughter in improving her reading, or is it really above a 6th grader's head?  Like I said, I haven't read the book yet, but I was wondering if anyone thought it was useful for a verbally- adept 12 year old?

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If interested in a study guide, you should be able to purchase the one by Mary Alice Newborn here: http://www.abrighterchild.com/how-to-read-a-book-study-guide.html


I used it with my kiddo (in 6th grade) with the first third of the book and he was able to follow along without issues. Caveat: he is an advanced reader. But it isn't exactly the most interesting reading for him. I plan to cover the book over a period of three years just so that it doesn't become total drudgery if done all at once. And having the study guide helps because he can review what he has learned through the guide. It distills the gist of the book into manageable chunks.

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