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Another Singapore math thread!

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So...I'm familiar with the general layout and method/approach to SM.


My question is, how do you implement it?


I've looked over SM several different times in the past for my oldest, but we were generally happy with what we were doing.


Then I researched it again pretty heavily  for my 1st grader (he used SM K), but I just didn't really like it for various reasons...too many books to buy, too many parts to juggle, too trendy, too slim, too...whatever. I felt like he would blow though it like he did K.


So after researching other maths I settled on Math Mammoth this year for 1st. 


RightStart was too scripted, Saxon too many bad reviews (even though I've never actually seen a Saxon 1st grade book), and so on.


He's doing well in Math Mammoth---but I don't like it. I think it's a great program, but I don't want to continue with it, I don't want to print it all out, and so on. And I'd like to have a program that can just be on the shelf waiting in the wings for my dd...I don't want to rely on downloads and printing all that much any longer. And again he just blows though it. Miquon is the only math we use that causes him to stop and actually think.


After researching Math In Focus (too public schoolish and I don't like the teacher materials--I have 5 here for my ds...and we do not like it), I've decided to once again give SM a decent look.


I feel like Miquon/MM1 has prepared him plenty to go into SM 2 (at least I hope so), so after lots of researching I decided on Primary Standards.


But how to you use the textbook? Do they write in it and then also in the workbook pages indicated? Or do you have them answer orally or with manipulatives to keep the textbook clean? Do you work in the text until you hit a pencil icon and then switch to the workbook? Or work one text lesson and then the workbook the next day?


Just looking at chapter 1 lesson 1 from textbook 2A --that's 5 pages of lesson/practice problems and three pencil icons of 10 workbook pages.


So I'm just trying to figure out how to plan this? I haven't ordered the HIG yet. I have to look for the HIG that is specifically for Standards, correct? Is there a lesson plan in there? 


With MM we would just work 3-4 pages daily and do any extra activity or online resource whenever we felt in the mood. But the text plus workbook with these pencil icons are confusing me. Should I treat them like stop signs? Should we work those workbook pages before continuing on?


Right now I'm just getting the texts and workbooks and possibly a HIG. Is there any reason to really worry about the Extra Practices and so on if I also plan on having him continue with Miquon as well as our other math activities we are used to doing?


Part of the reason I didn't really want to use SM was all.of.the.books!!!! 




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I don't know if this link will work if you are not a member of their forums but I asked a similar question earlier this year on the forums at Rainbow Resource.  My questions was more towards scheduling and the need for the teacher book.  I got a really helpful reply.  By the time the reply came, I had decided to buy the teacher book too.  My son has used Primary Math Standards Ed 4th grade for a few months.  He does not write in the textbook but I do allow him to write in the workbook.  The teacher textbook is useful and has good background information to share with the kids.




But I am going back to afterschooling all the kids this summer so I decided buy Critical Thinking Skills Mathematical Reasoning books -- all in one, no teacher text, can be used as a core curriculum or supplement.  It's spiral.  It was described to me by a homeschooler who used Singapore for years and loved it as Singapore on steroids (very colorful).  I like what I've seen of Singapore but I did not want to juggle all those books with my older 3.

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PS - You know you can get Math Mammoth printed out on Lulu?  That's what I've done in the past and now the books come with a spiral binding so they open flat too.  I don't remember doing it that way to be any more expensive than when I bought Singapore this year or even the CTS books.  I wanted everything printed out and in one place too.


You do write in the CTS books so those wouldn't be reuseable for another child. 

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I treat the pencils like stop signs, we look at the text book, I talk about what we see, answer questions orally or on the white board (you could write in the text book if you wanted, but I'm saving mine for the next kid).  By treating the pencils like stop signs, we do 1-2 pages  (front and back) a day. Sometimes the pencils say things like do exercise 1-3, then I would look at how many pages that is and only assign 2 pages a day, so that 'lesson' would probably take anywhere from 2-3 days depending on the length of the exercises.


I like the HIG because it does have a suggested schedule to get you through the A&B book in 1 school year.  The HIG has scheduled the textbook, workbook, extra practice book, and tests.  I only do text, work, and add in IP, but we don't do all of the IP questions. The most important part of the HIG for me though is the mental math in the appendix. I have my kids do a mental math each day (20 questions).  Also the HIG has ideas for introducing the topic as well as games, hands on ways of showing the topic. 


I think if you are continuing with Miquon, I would be comfortable with just the text, workbook, and HIG.

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My experience is with PM1, so take that into consideration, but I did not find the Extra Practices necessary.  From my understanding, after using the program for a year and reading many threads here the extra practice is for struggling students (and intensive practice/CWP for the soaring ones).  Even when my son had a hard time grasping something we just resorted to Miquon for a while.  A different perspective always seemed more likely to help than more of the same.  


We started our lesson by doing the demonstration(s) with manipulatives or whiteboard as outlined in the HIG.  I found the HIG very necessary, as I am not comfortable teaching asian style math by myself.  All the explaining of the method was found in the HIG, the text is purely questions.  There is pacing in the HIG as well (each lesson's demonstration is followed by the pertinent text and workbook pages to be done before the next lesson).   


After the manipulatives demonstration we moved onto the textbook, which we did orally. The textbook is not meant to be written in, although I'm sure you could if you wanted.  


Next we'd go to the textbook, which he did independently (unless it was "one of those days" and he needed me to scribe for him.  my son has days like that).  Sometimes there were 1 or 2 textbook pages and we would then move onto the game/mental math/reinforcement activity in the HIG.  Sometimes there were 3 or 4 texbook pages and we would do half, and then save the next half and the game/mental math/reinforcement activity for the next day.  


Was that all your questions?


I loved the program on one hand but hated wrestling all those books on the other, and always had to "read ahead" to figure each lesson out.  What with adding another kid next year I'm going to try Math in Focus to see if its easier to implement.  I'm hesitant, but reminding myself that the scope and sequence is so similar that worst case scenario I go back to PM after MIF 2a....  

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We basically use it like Coco-Clark except that we do CWP. We do not use the extra practice or the intensive practice. Each day, I teach the lesson from the HIG, we work the problems from the textbook together on the whiteboard, and then I assign her the workbook exercise to do on her own. You are pretty much correct in saying that you stop at the pencil icon on in the text and move onto the workbook. If you use the HIG you will occasionally deviate from that plan - they may split a textbook lesson over two days and add some problems from the appendix or mental math drills.

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PS - You know you can get Math Mammoth printed out on Lulu?  That's what I've done in the past and now the books come with a spiral binding so they open flat too.  I don't remember doing it that way to be any more expensive than when I bought Singapore this year or even the CTS books.  I wanted everything printed out and in one place too.


You do write in the CTS books so those wouldn't be reuseable for another child. 


No I've never heard of that. That's interesting to know.


Than you every one for the replies.


I'm so used to just picking up where we left off in math each day. I have the two textbooks here, I'll look for the HIG, and get him the workbooks.


This is something we'll start in fall after we finish up our year, so I'll have some time to sit down and plan it out. 


I think for right now I'm not going to bother with any of the supplemental SM books. 


I didn't want him writing in the text. White board is a good idea. 

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