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Does Anyone Love the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9?

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I really love my iPad Mini 16g, but the storage is too small and it doesn't sync well with my android phone.


My memory loss has been really bad for a bit now. It's not seizure brain damage this time–thankfully–but some type of PTSD related blacking out. I guess it's my body's way of self medicating without the use of drugs or alcohol. People are pushing me to use my phone more to stay a little more functional, cause....well, I'm not functioning as well as I could be. I'm not sure that better use of the phone is really going to be of any lasting and significant help, but...it makes people feel better to see me doing SOMETHING and for them to have a way to throw money at the situation so they can do SOMETHING. You know?


I've tried a few ways to sync my iPad and Android phone, but it's just not working. I have thought of switching to an iPhone in October when my contract is up, but...I have a few reasons to want to convert to Android completely instead of completely to Apple.


I'm looking at the Fire Kindle HDX 8.9. The 7 inch screen seems smaller than the iPad mini, so I think I need to go with the 8.9.


What is available for keyboards? I adore my white iPad mini keyboard. I want a nice keyboard as I don't really have a laptop and my tablet is my main device. The keyboard is important to me.


What is out there for calendar and other productivity apps that work on both the Fire and an Android phone? Apps that will WORK, like REALLY work, and sync perfectly. I'm not in the mood to play or be dazzled with pretty. I'd rather less options than more.


The 64GB should be enough. That is 4 times what I have now. This 16GB on the iPad mini is NOT working out at all. Not even close.


I just am attached to the HARDWARE of my iPad mini. It's white and cute, and I don't know. Okay, I'm just rambling right now, so am going to stop writing.

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I like the the device itself. But I need a keyboard, preferably one that is not clunky or cheesy. I guess most people are not typing a lot with their tablets, Kindle or otherwise. The store said the Kindle Fire wasn't compatible with regular Android bluetooth, but I think maybe they are wrong. The one basic bluetooth keyboard they had was so neon ugly I couldn't even look at it.


I see I could get the 64G and have it shipped to the store and use my store charge card to order it. I didn't realize that before. That gives me a lot more options than what is in stock at the store.


I like Amazon content. It's my default store for so many things. I really don't mind being tied to Amazon. I have made VERY few purchases from Google Play or Apple. Whenever possible I have used the Amazon store for apps for my Android phone. And I've bought few iPad apps. I just need a tablet for online/e-mail, word processing, a few very basic productivity apps, and accessing mostly Amazon content.


Some of the Samsung tablets looked interesting, but I'm very confused about what is available for keyboards. for the Tab 4 series.


Just UGH! I hate shopping and I hate new things. Other than books. I like new books, hardcopy and eBooks. Otherwise I just want my old stuff to keep working and adapt as necessary.

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I've tried a few ways to sync my iPad and Android phone, but it's just not working.


What is available for keyboards? I adore my white iPad mini keyboard.

Hubby says any bluetooth keyboard would work with the Kindle fire. So chances are high your existing ipad mini keyboard would work.


I don't have an android phone. Google calender should work on ipad, kindle and phone. I could use Google documents (google drive) on my ipad without wifi. It just sync for me when my ipad has wifi connection. Google drive should work on your android phone.

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I think keyboards need drivers, unless they come preinstalled. I will look into this though.


It's been a few months since the last time I tried to sync my phone and iPad. I remember Evernote wasn't good at all. I don't remember if I tried Google documents. I just remember a lot of things sorta kinda worked, but didn't work at a level that I felt I could depend on, and weren't cumbersome to keep up with. I just went back to paper, but paper doesn't have alarms. :)




The more I think about this, I might be better doing all Apple instead of all Android. I think the accessory hardware/products will always be nicer for the Apple products, and accessories are pretty important to me, when I often do not have a working laptop or desktop, and am gone from home so often.

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Cozi Family Organizer comes in both iPad and Android. I just installed it on both the ipad and Android phone and it synced instantly. I think this might work! When I looked months ago, either no one knew about this, or it wasn't out yet.


Fingers crossed with this!

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We have a kindle, an ipad and a galaxy tab.  I'm not sure about the keyboard issue, but I really prefer the ipad for apps (they have better app market), the kindle for kid use--durable, can easily limit time on it using their kidzone feature, and the galaxy tab for syncing with my phone (galaxy s3) and for access to the google play store.  How's that for an answer? Android's storage can be upgraded, too if you end up running out of room--apple's can't.  Also, we use Amazon Prime and I can't stand the fact that my android systems can't access the Amazon Instant videos that I have purchased or watch streaming videos--we have to use the ipad or the kindle for that.

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Thanks for letting me know Android cannot access Amazon prime content! I noticed my phone couldn't do some things at Amazon and think it's because it is forcing a mobile version of the website. I didn't think that might happen with a tablet.

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