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is this weird or normal?


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So my dyslexic gals crack me up. They truly think differently than I do. I am a "follow the same style" kind of person, so it may just seem odd to me but may be normal 8yr old behavior.


Today, they had to write down their vowels from memory. Instead of what I thought would be the given answer of "aeiouy" I was given yauoie... the other twin also gave random placement of the correct letters. Just not the common aeiou and sometimes y..


Then during math, they both are quirky with their problems. They will solve a problem and then look throughout their page for other problems that are the same or inverted before they move on to the "next" problem on the right of line one. They have their method of elimination of work almost.


My boys don't work this way. They are very systematic. I will say it is easier for them to do so since their math is workbook format right now.


Is this normal kid being a kid behavior? Maybe tied up with their dyslexia differences?


It is definitely entertaining to watch them work.

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