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question on lapbooks

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It depends on how you do them and the child him/herself.  I make mine as a portfolio of all the assignments we do.  We include art, writing, maps, photos of hands on activities and such when they're elementary aged. Your child might just want to switch to a more notebook kind of approach and avoid the complex construction and foldables that go with typical lapbooks as they get older.  


When my older two were doing junior high and high school assignments their essays, the maps, the timelines, the summaries of books read, lists of read alouds and assigned reading, documentaries watched, etc. were all typed up, printed out and put into a clear plastic cover and plastic spine binder in more of a notebook style.


For example, we did a unit and notebook for the early 20th century that included:

Assigned reading List



biographies of Mao, Stalin and Hitler by Marrin

selections about WWII by Churchill

Golda Mayer's autobiography

A Young Person's History of Israel by Bamberger

Learning Through History Magazine: The Roaring 20s



The Good Earth by Buck

Analects by Confucious

Red Scarf Girl by Liang

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Solzynetsin (sp?)

Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck




Essays for The Good Earth (I've shortened them from the actual questions.)

1. Compare/contrast female characters. How are each of them individualized and how do they represent character traits?

2. What is the role of tradition? Describe the challenge to tradition and who challenges it. 

3. What complaints did the Germans have about the Treaty of Versailles?

4. Describe the economic conditions in Germany between WWI and WWII.

5. How did Hitler explain Germany's problems? What solutions did he propose?


Written Assignments


1. Summarize the main events of WWII and how they affected WWII.

2. Explain/describe the following things:

a. buying stock on margin

b. how financiers were manipulating the stockmarket

c. the US economy in 1929

d. how the stock market affected people with different income levels

(this goes on for many more letters)

3. Summarize the life of Stalin and the major events involving Russia during WWII.

4. Summarize the life of Mao.

5. Summarize the life of Hitler.

6. Compare the social, economic and political conditions in Russia, China and Germany and how they led up to the rise of the tyrants.  What common factors in upbringing and personality do the tyrants share?


Discussion List


read aloud and discuss They Thought They Were Free by Mayer

read a loud and discuss Night by Weisel (sp?)


Documentaries List


The War by Ken Burns

Band of Brothers (HBO series)

Saving Private Ryan


Map Assignments (from Map Trek by Johnson)


The Boxer Rebellion

China's Long March

China and Japan at War

The Balkan Wars


Europe Post WWI


Timeline (made by hand)


Major events in Modern Israel

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