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Online homeschool options Or help me with this child!

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I'm having a very hard time with my 12dd who is a young 7th grader.  She can do the work, but fights with me when it is challenging or when she has to do corrections.  Honestly, I just don't want to homeschool her any more because I am tired of all the fighting.  I see her problems as being character based rather than academic.  She has struggled with math and is slightly behind, but she makes it harder than it needs to be.  When she does her work while upset and irritated, she makes a ton of mistakes.  But whether it's hormones or whatever, she makes herself miserable and me too.  She also hates Latin which we have studied for 5 years.  I'm letting her stop after this year, but am having a hard time with her finishing the book she is in.  Should I just let her quit now?


I really don't want to put her in public school.  Rather I'd like to see what options there are to have someone else be in charge of her school.  She is signed up to take a writing class with some grammar at a local co-op.  Plus in the co-op our family participates in on Fridays, she will be taking a Literature class, Apologia Physical Science, Art, Archery, Drama, and Fallacy Detective (some are just one semester classes).  I really can't pull her from the Friday co-op as I am a co-director and also the only member that attends the church where we meet.  It would punish my other 3 kids if we dropped that and we've been going there for 7 years. 


So that doesn't leave much for an online program.  Math, spelling, and history.  Where should I look for filling in the gaps for these subjects only?  She really needs close supervision on her math as she makes a lot of careless mistakes or forgets how to do some things.  We switched to Saxon this year as I felt she needed the constant review.  It has helped quite a bit, but she still hates math.   For the record, I have homeschooled all my kids since the beginning.


Any help is appreciated, even if you just say a prayer for me and my dd.  Or if you have any strategies for dealing with this hormonal, drama-driven child.





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I use some Switched on Schoolhouse for grammar but find it doesn't offer much explanation or detail in the lessons.  If she is willing (can be made) to do the reading, Plato has a fully online language arts program that is similar to a textbook with interactive answer entry.  Actually Plato also has history and math.  You might take a look at the sample lessons they offer.  HSBC offers discounts.  Discovery Education offers a social studies interactive "Tech" book that looks interesting but we can't use them in our state- some kind of licensing deal.


I have used VP's self-paced history in the past and enjoyed it.  Right now we are using The Teaching Company's American History course.  For math we use Tablet Math along with SOS. 


There are a lot of options, depending on your price range and specific needs.  I'd probably start by taking a look at the HSBC offerings.  I'm sure others will post different math options, there at TONS of math resources. 

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Are you sure that's not my dd you are speaking about???  Really, it must be the age.  When mine gets something and everything's easy, it's smooth as can be, but if she doesn't understand, makes a mistake, or has plans and needs to get school done ASAP (which usually coincides with the days that she doesn't understand something or the lesson is super difficult :sad: ) then it's a nightmare for all involved.  If I could count the times I've said to dh "I can't do this anymore, what should we do?"  I've considered all on-line, but we can't afford it, strictly workbook style stuff where I don't have to do one on one with her; you name it.


Really, we've finally sat down with her, and I told her we were going to switch her back to strictly using TT (math is one big issue) and that I would have her do a workbook for grammar (we use R&S and do a lot orally) as well as have her do independent history reading with written discussion questions.  When we laid that all out in a calm way, explaining that we couldn't continue this way and would not accept any more attitude or disrespect, she got it.  She likes MUS and wants to continue with it, and she doesn't want to go the textbook/wkbk route with the other subjects, so we've reached a peaceful agreement.  It's been working so far-talk to me in another week, though. ;)


The other thing, we were going to either do CC or a TOG co-op next year, and because she will have to be accountable to her peers/and or teachers, it should work well.


I feel for you,sister! :grouphug:


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I might outsource some of the topics that are most difficult for you to teach her and give her some ownership in the online class, but fundamentally, I look at this as a self-discipline issue that needs to be resolved.  It might not go away with another teacher.  You need to sit down with her and have a come to Jesus moment so that she understands learning and acquiring knowledge are difficult and not necessarily fun, that the fun comes later with understanding a topic.  I have a 11 year old daughter going into 7th next year, and I have pulled massive privileges over this and over bad attitudes in general about school.

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It sounds like you are both pretty strong-willed, and that can be extremely challenging. 


Thankfully, at age 12 and at a 7th grade level, you do have options for online schooling.  I would caution you, though, that your 'issues' with each other won't go away if you do co-ops or online classes. 


Because you said your dd makes careless mistakes in math, you might want to try Teaching Textbooks.  I'm sure you don't want to 'hop' around in math, but TT is a good program that really forces kids to pay attention to detail.  A bonus is that it can be done on her own.  My children use CLE for math, and it is almost completely independent.  A child will ask me for help or clarification, but there is a ton of built-in review and the explanations are written to the student.


For history, you can check into the Veritas Press Self-Paced histories. Or, if she is past that stage, you can put her in their History Transitions online class (expensive!).



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If you eventually decide to farm out everything, you could include TTUISD (not free) or the Texarkana ISD program (free) among the things you consider. However, it takes a LOT of Time Management and Self Discipline to be successful as a Distance Learning student. That would get the grading and who she is responsible to into other hands.  However, I suspect that if she is used to being a Home School student, that this would greatly increase the stress she is under to perform well, when she is bogged down and having trouble with a subject.


Suggestion: Come up with a list of possible alternatives to what you are doing now and sit down with her and see if there is something that she would prefer to be doing.  Maybe if she has more input into what she is doing, she will develop more interest and patience.

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Thanks for all the helpful advice.  I want to persevere through this phase/age she is in.  We both want to continue to homeschool.  I am hearing you about letting her give input.  In the past, I haven't wanted to do that in fear that she would not want to do things that I feel are important.  But letting her give input and and picking her materials is possible w/out giving her all the control.  For example, she has wanted to quit Latin and I made her do it this year.  She is not doing well with it this year and I'm going to let her drop it.  I really wanted her to have Latin on her transcripts since she wants to go into Veterinary Medicine in college.  Oh well, it's not going to help if she does poorly in math because she is spending time doing Latin and not learning that either.  She wants to switch to Spanish which I plan to have her start in 9th grade since there will be Spanish 1 offered at our co-op by a teacher fluent in spanish.


I'll have to see how we can become partners in creating her subjects/schedule and making a commitment to follow through with each one even when it gets hard.  She has already been trying not to have any melt downs since I started this thread.  


Thanks again for the help!  

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