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After FLL 4...before AG

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Any suggestions for a good fit between FLL 4 and AG.  I would like something simple, but good review before starting AG in two years.


My dd just turned 11


I have used the following since he finished FLL 4 in Jan. and they don't seem to be a good fit.  I want to find something and stick with it starting in July.


- Rod & Staff 5 - Seemed to need to much of my help.

- Easy Grammar 5 - Didn't seem to have enough good review of FLL 4

- Total Language Plus - Sign of the Beaver - (similar to pulling teeth to get the work done.)


A friend suggested Shurley English, but we will only use it for two years so not sure.  I considered IEW Fix-it.  



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Are you against doing Jr. AG? It would be a good intro to AG...... It is much more simplistic than AG, but would give an excellent start!


My dd has finished and is just going through Daily Grams b/c she loves workbooks. She will start AG in August and continue with DG until then!

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We are going to do Steps To Good Grammar before AG. It includes diagramming.


This looks good.  Have you or anyone you know used this?


FWIW, DD did AG this year with no problems, having turned 11 in late August.  FLL4 is a great program and a good lead-in.  I don't know that AG Jr. would be necessary.


My dd will be turning 11 in July.  Did you go through AG at a slower rate?  I have 3 older kids in AG now, but they started at 13 & 14.  

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