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Vitacost brand coconut oil...


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This is the brand I use and it is every bit as good as the costlier brands I have tried before. Just wanted to let anybody who may be interested know that they currently have their big 54oz on buy one get one half off. I've been waiting for a few weeks for this sale, since I am almost out.



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1.)  How long is it shelf-stable (in summer)?


2.) Does it taste like coconut?


I keep a small stockpile of this coconut oil in my basement pantry.  I've never had it go bad or rancid, and I don't use it all that often.


It does taste and smell like coconut.   Depending on how much you use, the coconut is pronounced in finished products.  I can use it to cook pancakes, and there is no discernible taste of coconut in the end pancake, but if I use it in brownies or other baked goods (where I'm using quite a bit of it), there is definitely a background of coconut.

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I use it and really like it too.  I only order one jar at a time because I order fairly regularly from Vitacost and the jar of coconut oil helps push me over the $49 for free shipping.

My pantry gets pretty warm in the summer and I've never had it go rancid.


Definite coconut smell, but I don't really notice a coconut taste.

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