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Latin- CAP Latin for Children?


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Someone tell me if I want this-


We've done Prima Latina from Memoria Press- I loved the videos with Leigh Lowe- she's just so "nice" and pleasant to take classes from. I don't feel like it "stuck" as well as I would have liked, but it was pretty painless.


a tad boring though.


I have Latin Road, and it's a fabulous product, but it's too much writing to copy the notes this year. I think I need to set it aside and pick it up again in the future.


I have Minimus (the iBook and Text- but no TM, and I refuse to pay 60 for it). We're past SSL.


So- do I want Latin for Children A?


The videos seem.... low budget. Which as a general, bothers me. But does it work? Is it pleasant? How is the retention?


Or, do I move on to Latina Christia? Something Else?



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I couldn't begin to compare LFC to the other programs you mentioned. I can tell you my kids have thoroughly enjoyed LFC, it was easy for a mom with no previous Latin to teach, and CAP's support is top notch. I've used SSL, LFC, and Latin Alive.

-The videos may not be top quality, but they are effective and fun. Chris Perrin's geeky tendencies just endeared him all the more to my kids.

-The sing-songy chants for memory work well, and when combined with extras in the activity book and occasional playing at headventureland.com there's been no need to add extra drill.

-This was my first Latin book, and I'm now on my 2nd and 3rd pass through LFC with my current 3rd and 5th graders. I would say 90%+ of the vocabulary stayed in *my* head from doing this with my teenagers when they were little.

-Those same teenagers will crane their neck to see the laptop screen when they hear How the West Was Unus come on during their lessons.

-On that first pass with the older two kid we got stuck once. One thought a particular noun surely must be use declined somewhat differently, and since it wasn't an assignment the TM had no answer for us. We used that Ask the Magister button on CAP's website and within a couple days we had an answer from Chris Perrin himself.

-If you stick with it, CAP has Latin programs to take you well into high school.

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