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SOTW 3 with Geography


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I'd like to go back to using SOTW next year with my soon to be 7th grade twins.  I don't really want to buy the Activity guide because they are a little old for the coloring pages and I know we won't be doing the extra activities.  I also don't need the review questions as I will read aloud to them and have them do narrations on what was read.  However, they REALLY need some serious geography lessons.  I'd like to combine it somehow.  Does anyone know of a geography curriculum that coinsides with SOTW?  I was thinking maybe Mapping the World with Art.  Any ideas?


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It depends on whether you want to do historical or contemporary geography. For a more historical view, try materials by Holling C. Holling. Here's the link (and I think you can get the books separately as well). http://bfbooks.com/Holling-C-Holling-Collection 


You can also get maps to go along with these books: http://bfbooks.com/Geography-Map-Set


The Geography through Lit Guide (http://bfbooks.com/Geography-Through-Literature-Study-Guide).


For a more contemporary geography, I have several resources: geography games (The Scrambled States of America comes to mind), geography apps, puzzles, as well as Trail Guides to US and World Geography (http://home-school-curriculum.com/). As far as I can tell, the Trail Guides are secular, if that is a consideration for you.


I've heard great things about Mapping the World with Art, but haven't looked at it in depth yet.

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