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Zane Education - so excited to find this!

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As some of you know, I have been posting and asking questions about multimedia curricula to study history especially for kids with autism or mixed receptive and expressive language disorders.  I really was not finding what I needed so I got off all the homeschool boards and ventured out into the internet and came across Zane Education.  I am so thrilled to find this.


They offer nearly 2000 educational videos on a variety of subjects (including history) with lesson plans and interactive quizzes for all ages/grades.  The combination of a picture for nearly every sentence, with the audio, AND closed captioning is such a benefit for my son who has autism and mixed receptive expressive language disorder. From doing the sample lesson on Beethoven, his attention, retention, and accuracy on the quiz went up about 30% versus just reading or being read to.


Here is the free sample video lesson of the day:




Hope this helps someone. 



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