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Selling my Lindamood Bell LiPS...anyone?

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I didn't even get to use it all...and I loved it. I bought it for $544.95, it includes the LiPstick. I bought it based on the recommendation of a speech therapist who saw my dd one time, during an eval. But, it isn't exactly what my dd needs. So, after much frustration, I packed it up, and there it sits.


Not sure I can post this here too, but I thought I would try it. Contact me if you are interested.



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Oh my, what an expense!  Was this for your 4 yo boy or a different dc?  I'm just asking, because if it was for the 4yo, he might not have been ready yet.  My boy is doing it at 5.5, but it's slow-going.  Just would be a bummer to take the loss and sell it and then realize you need to re-buy it!  Oh duh, I just reread and you said dd.  Don't know.  


You might try separating the LIPstick and the main kit and selling them both on ebay.

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