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TMI--anyone use a prion-pump inhibitor (Prilosec) and have bleeding?

Chris in VA

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I work in pharmacy. It is a very common med used for acid reflux. Instead of fighting acid after it is already there, it reduces the acid going into the stomach. Take it 30 minutes before eating to get the maximum benefit. Only needed 1 or 2 times per day, not every meal.


Safe. Effective. Over the counter.


If you need it for more than a couple of months see your doctor to make sure you are not over looking something else.


If you are on other medications ask the pharmacist to check your profile to make sure it won't interfere with other medications you are on.

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Thanks, Tap.


I'm specifically asking about experiences of rectal bleeding while on  these medications. It is listed on the label.


Thanks for any input.

Sorry, i was on my phone and that part of the question was cut off on the screen.  


To answer that part...I have not had any patients who complained about that particular side effect.

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Not me, but my son.


They did an endoscopy and colonoscopy to make sure nothing was damaged. They switched him to a different med and also put him on an iron supplement for a while to settle things down. He had slipped into anemia when he had the active bleeding.


The medication he was switched to is in the same type/class, but no bleeding. Some meds just seem to agree with him better than others.

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