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Life of Fred-Mardel Homeschool Sale

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I happened to be in Mardel this week picking up some materials for my dd, and noticed they now carry Life of Fred books:)


I also noticed that next weekend (16th and 17th) is their homeschool sale with 20% or more off many, many popular curriculums including Singapore and Lfe of Fred!

So, if you are in the market for materials for the summer or next year, mark your calendars:)



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It's a good deal, I think...I bought a few off Educents a couple of months ago for (IIRC) a little over $14 each (including shipping), which was the best deal I'd seen. The only problem I'd have is it's hard to tell if you and your kids will like Fred until you actually see it, and I'd be a little wary buying 10 at once. Luckily my DD loves them (we've done Apples and are partway through Butterflies), although even though she's done the math I don't know if she's gotten much from them at this point. I, on the other hand, think the stories are weird...but I'm going along with it since she's such a fan. I'm glad we only bought three, though...Unless she insists, I don't know if we'll go further. (I actually may not tell her there are any more books. ;) )

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