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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

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Happy Mother's Day, to you too Jean.  And to everyone else as well.  


Early breakfast with friend and her children


Light a Candle for Rosie and her DD and for Marek

Register for FEAST Convention

Take cakes to GMIL for 98th Bday celebration and Mother's Day with InLaws and Mom and Bro in from out of town

Pay bills

Call artist to confirm classes for DD starting next week

Clean out fridge

Welcome DH home when he gets in about midnight

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Happy Mother's Day all!! Its 7:46am here and even though the plan was for me to sleep in I can't.  But I will humor my kids and not make an appearance until they bring me breakfast in bed. That is the extent of our Mother's Day celebration as far as I know and I am 100% ok with that.  Today my middle child turns 4 so we will spend the day playing whatever crazy fun games she wants to play.  We have dinner at my mil's tonight but I haven't decided if I'm going also or staying home to just relax.  I do have to sneak out real quick to get a birthday present for my FIL as  dh forgot and he's coming over this morning to give dd her presents.

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Happy Mother's Day Everyone!


I am home from church because of my crappy cold, it is peaceful and quiet and I have cleaned up after everyone already, tidied the living room and did the dishes.


The girls got me a gorgeous fushia because the hummingbird has shown up and there was nothing for him.  He is happy now.


Talked to my Mom and my MIL and my fairy godmother, so blessed to have them.


Going to bff's for dinner and a movie and we shall celebrate her birthday, which is tomorrow.  I knitted her a Jayne Cobb hat because she desperately wanted one.  Hope she likes it.


It's going to be a big week coming up so I am trying to rest and get well as fast as humanly possible.

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One of the few days a year I get to do exactly what I want :party:



--eat food other people cook

--plant my tomatoes and peppers (in pots on the deck this year, as we redo the veggie garden area)

--read while sitting in the sunshine on the deck

--eat more food other people cook

--have an adult beverage while reading

--watch some of the "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" box set that arrived at our house this week


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :D

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Tghealthymom--feel better! 


Happy Mother's Day, everyone. 



I made it through church and the Awana ceremony. I did most of my crying and being sad last night.


The family made me breakfast. The kids got me a huge card. We wanted to go out to eat, but everywhere was very crowded. I said to just take me to Wendy's. I love their apple pecan chicken salad, so that was fine. Then they took me to Kroger and got me my favorite new "ice cream" So Delicious Coconut Milk, no sugar added Vanilla bars. We came home and played Ticket to Ride. We will play Settlers of Catan soon. I hope to watch something tonight, too. Relaxing day...



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