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help me round out next year or what am I missing. ..

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This coming year my goals ares to really streamline things, foster excitement about learning, encourage critical thinking and reLly work on being able to express ones self through writing. That being said above all I need to streamline and make sure that I am not tweaking and adding too much. So here is what I have so far; do you see obvious holes or redundancies?


For my rising 2nd and 4th graders

FIAR v4 and beyond

creek edge press grammar task cards

spelling either apples and pears or the work books we are currently using by curriculum associates which can be done fairly independently

BA 4 for the 4th grader and MM2 for the 2nd grader

listen to SOTW on CD or as read aloud

Possibly WWE 3 for 4th grader 1and 2 for second grader I am on the fence about this because of my desire to stream line....could also do wwe via our FAIR book?

continue learning ASL with various materials and everyday use

HS park day once a week


My rising 6th grader will do OM 6 with 7thgrade math

programming with dad


Every body

Einstein in a box

Project time 2-3 x per week ala Project Based Homeschooling

My rising 6th grader will use

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I think it looks like it will meet your goals. I'm familiar with a couple things by reputation only (Apples & Pears, FIAR), though, so I'm no expert. I do think WWE would fit into a streamlined plan; I find it quick and effective in developing meaningful skills. After using it for a while, you may be able to adapt the method to your FIAR books, but I would say it will take you a few months of using her questions/narration prompts to feel comfortable doing this (if you're new to WWE-style writing instruction). AND, it only takes a few minutes to read the selections in WWE and serves as additional exposure to good books, so using her 'leg work' might actually be the most streamlined option.

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I have used wwe 1-3 but thats a great point about it perhaps being easier to just use the work books. I already own 1-3 and the text so I think I may have to just try it both ways to see what is most efficient.Thanks sdunckle and kiwik I really appreciate having additional perspectives!

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