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using Homeschool in the Woods unit studies

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we are going to work through the American Revolution on during the summer.  My kids are dd13, ds12 and ds10.  My question is: should I "make" each one do each of the activies individually or should we only make one copy of everything and share as a family.  (for example: one time line, one jamestown replica etc).  My boys aren't nearly as interested in the crafty parts as my daughter would be, but I know it would be educational for them to participate...like the lapbook for example.  I know we are basically too old for lapbooks, but these are cool (I think) and they can learn from them.


I want this to be fun but I want them to walk away with a much better understanding of the this time period.


what would you do...or what have you done?

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I've used this unit study with my son who loves history, but dislikes coloring, cutting, etc. I found the best way to use it was working on items together because my end goal was enjoying learning the information and having a final product to show what we learned. We still have our Jamestown replica and it is occasionally used with toy soldiers. Enjoy!

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While dc were little and we were afterschooling, I used HITW along with other curricula. Ds liked to make models while I was doing read alouds. He listened better when his hands were busy. Dd had some fine motor issues, and I didn't want to make the cutting and folding a place where she had problems, so I made the stuff for her.


Now that kids are older and dd is homeschooled, I still cut, fold and paste. We use HITW because dd does well with visual aids.


If HITW were to offer ready made lap books and projects, I would probably get them.


So, frm my point of view, whatever you do is fine.

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We just finished the Rev War one. I have both of my younger kids make their own booklets...but I don't always have both of them do all the same ones. I'll give them choices for projects and assign many of the lap book booklets. We skip some things that don't appeal to any of us. We've actually done 4 of these this year and both kids have declared that they like them --- and neither kid is find of cutting and coloring. I think they really like the content and they really, really like being able to look back at them when they have finished them.

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