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Parenting the Gifted Blog Tour 2014

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Would anyone be interested in doing a Parenting the Gifted blog tour this year? Hyperlinks aren't working for me right now, so I apologize for the full links, but here's what they looked like in previous years:






This year I would host the tour between June 15th-June 21st.


This tour would be open to bloggers from any school background--homeschooling, public schooling, private schooling etc. If you're not a blogger and would still like to contribute, you could write a guest post.


As always, there would be a special shout-out to TWTM forum for helping us organize.

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I'll jump in again this year…thinking of a post along the lines of following a child's passions or helping a child forge a path when their skills and interests are beyond the norm and cannot be guided by typical parenting guidebooks?


Not sure exactly what direction I will go or how it will shape up but been thinking a lot about these things with the recent WTM posts and discussions with dd's violin teacher.

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Great! We've got some interest after all. I think I might push the dates back to June 22-June 28th though, to give us more time. I'll PM interested people with my email, so you can take the organization conversation off the forum space.


Who was our incredible logo designer last year? I'm so sorry I can't remember.


Also, last year we had the Washington State Coalition of Gifted Education participate. If anyone here has a contact with a similar organization in your state, please reach out to them with an invite.

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