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would math analogies be a waste of time?

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I got the mothers day email from HSBC and was trying to pick which curriculum I wanted and was looking at the Critical Thinking Company math analogies software but I have a slight problem...


I had my daughter do the samples on the website to see how she would do, and now I am wondering if it would be a waste of time: the beginning level (supposed to be k-1 and she's going into 1st grade) was way too easy - no challenge at all. The level 1 (2-3rd grade) was also really easy - she had to go back and retry 2 out of 10 and didn't have a problem when she stopped to think about it. When I tried level 2 (4th-5th) we were faced with math that she's never seen before - so I would explain the vocabulary and basic math (multiplication is repeated addition, area is the inside of the shape, perimeter is the outside, etc.), she got 8 out of 11 correct without a problem, and only needed minimal additional help with the other 3.


I'm so surprised at how well she did with the samples that I'm not sure what to think. I guess there are two questions - first, would this particular software be a waste of time? and second, is this a strength that my daughter has that I should find something else to help challenge her or are math analogies just really easy in general?

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My DS *LOVED* the "Math Analogies" books and using them was one of the ways I realized just how intuitively "mathy" he is. He was able to figure out concepts that he'd never before seen. He flew through both levels 1 and 2 (I didn't bother with the beginning one). He also loves Beast Academy and the Singapore Intensive Practice books. He didn't do the Math Kangaroo exam this year because he had a meltdown the year before but I'm planning on signing him up for next year's exam. When he's older, I'm going to look at having him do the MOEMS and MathCounts contests.

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