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Tapestry of Grace Co op?

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There is a new TOG Co-op starting up near us next year, as well as Classical Conversations!  We live way out in  the middle of nowhere, so now to have both of these within 25 miles is huge!  I'm wondering how TOG Co-op compares to CC (which I know more about).  


I've never even heard of a TOG Co-op until I saw the info. for this new one.  Which is quite shocking!

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I just posted the same thing! I want to know too!

That's so funny!  I've been searching on-line everywhere, and I've come across some info. but not as much as I thought, which makes me think it's a newer thing.  I could be wrong, though.  Let's hope we get some responses!

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I've not ever used CC, but I've participated in a TOG co-op the past 3 years. I can't really compare the two, but I'll be happy to answer TOG-specific questions if you have them.


At the very least, maybe a little bump will help. 

I've never used TOG and was wondering how much help you get/got as a newbie in using it.  TOG seems overwhelming to me!  How much time does it take to use?


Also, our co-op spends 50min on the humanities portion and is also using Apologia science and is scheduling 50min for literature discussion for the dialectic stage kids.  They are going to meet twice per month.  Do you think that will work?


Thanks for any advice!

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