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Are you in Cedar Rapids, IA or Logan, UT and looking for PT work?


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There is a school in each of these locations looking for speech-to-text transcribers (you go to class with a hearing impaired student, and transcribe the lecture and student comments/questions for the student who is also in the room reading as you type). I don't know if they'd let you train over the summer for fall work, or if they want you to already be qualified now when you apply; you'd have to ask. Training is about $400 and takes 4-6 weeks; you could ask if they'll pay for this if you commit to working for them for a couple of years (that's the situation I enjoyed).  If you PM me I can get you the link, and answer any questions you might have.  I've been working in this field for five years and love it.  It can work very well with a homeschooling lifestyle.  I currently work entirely from home, 30+ hours a week, but working ON a campus in person is required before one is allowed to go remote. 


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